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  • Rick Marini Rick Marini
    Founder & CEO

    Rick is a serial entrepreneur having founded, BranchOut, SuperFan and Tickle.

    He loves building companies that can change the world.

  • Ray Siu Ray Siu
    VP of Product

    Ray wears many hats including running product and growth & analytics while still being a hands-on engineer. He loves his weekend time with his wife and daughter Hart.

  • Ted Metzger Ted Metzger
    VP of Mobile

    Ted is passionate about mobile development and user experience. He's also into jazz, especially upright bass.

  • Nathan Smith Nathan Smith
    VP of Engineering

    Nathan Smith thinks computers are the future. He's also into rugby, surfing, and softball. Hit him up on Friendster.

  • Karl Kastan Karl Kastan
    Director of Engineering

    Raised by a pack of wild hyenas in the Mojave desert Karl quickly learned the need for excellent organizational skills in maintaining multiple product lines. He also really likes to design and code scalable and reliable software.

  • Rene Ravenel Rene Ravenel
    Senior Software Engineer

    Rene writes code for Android. In his free time he climbs mountains and makes things that do things.

  • Amelia Catalano
    Amelia Catalano
    Senior Software Engineer

    Gardener, foodie, motorcyclist, gamer, and Mom. Only partial Geek, she is still dedicated to the pursuit of her life's passion: music.

  • Kanika Rehani Kanika Rehani
    Head of Design

    Kanika designs, listens to bollywood music, and makes lots of really bad food.

  • Dennis Baughn Dennis Baughn
    Senior Software Engineer

    I press keys.

  • Nate Asp Nate Asp
    Enterprise Sales & BD

    Nate works on the business development side of BranchOut & enjoys wearing multiple hats. Nate strives to create and ensure long-term value for clients & partners alike. Nate is a vocalist & spends most of his free time in his music studio.

  • Ravi Teja Ravi Teja Vadrevu
    Senior Software Engineer

    Ravi loves to build things quickly. When not shipping code, he takes photos and loves music. A trojan who worked for Myspace when in school.

  • Claudio Zanet Claudio Zanet

    Claudio takes care of the accounting, finance and human resources at BranchOut. He has over 25 years of experience working in both large and small companies. Canadian, Eh!

  • Jeff Bird Jeff Bird
    QA Lead

    I try to break things so our users don't have to. You're welcome.

  • Stuart Chandra Stuart Chandra
    Senior Software Engineer

    When not developing websites, I spend my time traveling, snowboarding, scuba diving and otherwise enjoying the outdoors.

  • Tristan Himmelman Tristan Himmelman
    Senior Mobile Engineer

    Developer of mobile things. I live and breathe UX. In my free time, I enjoy eating tasty food, visiting new cities and exploring the great outdoors.

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